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Whenever possible, bracket exposure in contrasty lighting situations, camera meters have been known to read light with too much emphasis on the light (or dark) area.

  Carry the minimum equipment required when travelling, in case it weighs you down, or worse, is stolen.  
  Wide angle lenses allow a bigger view but you can also use them to create the impression of greater distance and greater depth of field.  
Custom Scanning
ftp Canvas and Custom Printing
Digital Photo Print Service - FotoDesk / GPC Labworks



About GPC labworks

full service photofinishing lab

For printing from film to E-6 slide processing to printing your digital files - you will receive the utmost quality and service for your hard earned dollars. Our traditional photofinishing provides all printing, enlarging and other processing services and we use only top quality products from start to finish to ensure optimal results every time.

Photo scanning services deliver superb results at a very reasonable price. We offer scanning capability up to an incredible 18 x 24 Inches in a single pass and our Photo Restoration service provides excellent quality bringing new life to old photos.

New services such as FotoDesk and FTP are allowing the home user as well as professional image makers to send files electronically - from a standard browser - for printing in our lab. A few days later, the client can collect the images at our counter or we can post them back. Easy and inexpensive. You can even have us send them to a friend.

Rush service is also available at a small premium.

Bring us your memory cards, DVDs and CDs too. We can make beautiful colour prints on Kodak Digital paper for your precious photo album. Preserve those memories.

We also offer an image recovery service for Memory Cards that are damaged or have been accidentally erased.

With all the services we offer, GPC LABWORKS is always up to the challenge of finding imaginative solutions to bring the world of photography to you. Please visit often.

273 Bank St , Ottawa , K2P 1X5
(613) 567-0770


Our Goal is simple:

GPC LABWORKS specialty is providing high quality imaging services at competitive prices. Our goal is to deliver the results you expect from your photofinisher.

The Key Elements

GPC LABWORKS is a full service photo finishing lab offering: photofinishing services, digital printing services and digital imaging services to photographers across Canada. GPC LABWORKS supports and services the advanced amateur and professional photographer as well as government, institutional, high-tech and insurance industries.

The key elements emphasized by our company are:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff at ease with current technology. We do not sell on commission.
  • A full range of services at very competitive prices.
  • Central location at 273 Bank Street (North of Somerset) - easily accessible by car, public transport or courier from anywhere in the city. We feature full professional lab facilities, offices and shipping area in over 3000 sq ft of space.
  • Dependability - We stand behind our services and we will go to great lengths to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Photo Lab & Digital Services

Important features of our lab services:

Our photofinishing quality is maintained by our experienced staff who adhere to KODAK Q-Lab monitoring programs.

Our staff receive on going training to keep abreast of technological developments and we adhere to very strict environmental controls within our company. All waste paper is shredded for security reasons.

Our lab personnel is flexible to meet your needs, particularly deadlines which you must meet. Our experience in serving customers in both government and private industry as well as professional photographers means that we can meet the needs of our many varied customers.

On-line printing with FotoDesk

No more trips to the photofinisher to drop off your film or digital media and no more trips back again to pick up your prints. You just choose which pictures you would like to have printed from your collection of digital photos.

Finally! Now you can get the same high-quality prints as those taken by a 35mm film camera from your digital camera -- on real photographic paper! It's fast, easy and convenient.

Custom Scanning service

We offer a complete range of scanning capability from 35mm film up to 18 x 24 INCH originals. From budget service to the most precise print requirements.

Large Format printing

We use the Epson 9600 and the new Canon imagePROGRAF W8400 to producing exceptional quality output in widths up to 44".

Photo Restoration

Restore valuable family photographs and paintings. Whether for yourself or as gifts to your friends and family, these images are of the highest quality available.

Professional Digital Imaging Services

High quality digital services performed by experienced personnel who are comfortable working on your valuable images no matter which format they are in.

Passport Photos

We take Passport Office approved digital passport photos, Citizenship, Permanent Residence as well as other types of ID photos while you wait.

Development and Print Service

The C-41 develop and print service from most films including 35mm and 120 formats, has been tailored to provide the highest level of printing available. We use exclusively Kodak products, in particular Kodak ROYAL papers, to distinctively differentiate our service from the run of the mill services available. The same can be said for our enlarging, direct digital and custom printing services.

We produce high quality prints from most negatives including: 35mm, 120mm and 4x5/5x7 (Black & White). APS is available as an out-service.

Professional Quality Slide Processing

The 3 Hour Dip & Dunk and One Hour E-6 slide processing is the highest consistent quality available to meet professional standards.

Black and White Custom Printing

GPC LABWORKS is pleased to offer our customers a full range of custom quality Black and White services.

Custom Colour Printing

GPC LABWORKS also offers custom colour enlarging and copy services.

We provide direct to film output for optical slide presentations.

We also offer a variety of other services such as slide duplicating and internegatives.

GPC LABWORKS strives to provide the full range of photofinishing services. However, if there is a service you need that is not shown, please ask and we will likely be able to provide it for you on an individual basis. We have attracted one of the most knowledgeable and talented groups of image minded people in this region. We are proud of what we have to offer and we hope that you will benefit from it too.

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