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  Practice “pre-visualising”, even when you don’t have your camera.  
  Use colour to create an impression. For example: Reds and yellows for drama and increased energy. Blues, greens, greys for subdued effect.  
  Take your time. A hurried photograph is less likely to render the desired results. (unless this is the effect you are trying to achieve.)  
Custom Scanning
ftp Canvas and Custom Printing
Digital Photo Print Service - FotoDesk / GPC Labworks


Professional Digital Imaging Services

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

There are two choices for sending us files via the Internet:

Using E-mail:

fotodeskATgpclabworks.com (replace AT with @) by attaching a file to the message.

  • If your file is less than fifty megabytes, you are welcome to attach the file to an E-mail message.
  • E-mail is slower and less reliable than FTP and may take extra time to transfer.
Using Your Web Browser:

FTP is our preferred method of digital transfer because FTP can handle larger files and transfer files faster than e-mail attachments.

We can accept file of any size on our FTP server. You are only limited by your own connection and patience.

To transfer files to our FTP server:

  • Create a folder on your desktop and name it "To Print". (or similar)
  • Next, copy your image(s) into this folder, include a "txt" file with instructions.
  • Create separate folders inside this folder for different sizes and/or quantities.
  • If you have multiple files to transfer, you can use a File Compression program such as WinZip or Stuffit to compress all your files into a single archive.
  • Click on the button above and a new browser window will open.
  • - Select "View" menu
  • - Select "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer"
  • This will open another new window - This is the FTP folder
  • Next "drag and drop" your folder into this browser window. Wait for your file to transfer completely. Do not interrupt.

Be sure to let us know when this has been done.

IMPORTANT: This ftp site is a public site and can be viewed by anyone.

For photographic prints from digital files on Kodak Royal paper, you may use FotoDesk. This is designed to be an easy-to-use image transfer software.


Both Internet Explorer (PC only) and Netscape Navigator (PC and Mac) support "drag and drop" FTP file transmission for many types of files.

Note to Netscape users: If you are unable to "drag and drop" the file, Netscape provides an "Upload File" command under the "File" menu.

Note to Safari users: FTP capability is NOT a standard feature of the Safari browser. You must download and install it separately. Try using "Classic FTP for Mac".

Note to Firefox users: Firefox does not include an FTP option in the basic browser. Please go to: Firefox Add-ons. to include this capability.

Plugins available include: FireFTP (very popular) and FTPUpload. The choice is up to you.

After you have installed and configured, please email us fotodeskATgpclabworks.com (replace AT with @) to obtain login information.

We are not able to provide support for these products.

IMPORTANT: When your file transfer is complete, please email fotodeskATgpclabworks.com (replace AT with @) or give us a call at (613) 567-0770 to confirm instructions and to verify that we have received your job so can start work on it. Your job will not be clocked into production until you have verified.

Please copy the text below and paste it into your E-mail:

Company Name:
Your Name:
Phone Number:

Name of attached file(s):
Copies of each:
Type of output and finish:

Date and Time needed:
Delivery or Pickup information:

Payment Information:

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