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Use motion to emphasize energy in subject. For example, pan with a moving subject to blur background.
HIGH contrast lighting will emphasize intensity while LOW contrast will soften the impression made in the photograph.
Carry the minimum equipment required when travelling, in case it weighs you down, or worse, is stolen.
Custom Scanning
ftp Canvas and Custom Printing
Digital Photo Print Service - FotoDesk / GPC Labworks

Photo Restoration Service - GPC Labworks

Photo Restoration

Restore valuable family photographs and paintings. Whether for yourself or as gifts to your friends and family, these images are of the highest quality available.

GPC Labworks specializes in digital restoration of photographs and paintings.
We offer a variety of printing options including canvas, custom and economy inkjet as well as printing on Kodak Royal photographic paper.

Each customer's work is handled with care, usually by the person you talked to, and never leaves the store.
Scans are excellent quality, professionally cleaned up to remove dust and scratches, etc.
We offer FREE ESTIMATES. Just bring your photographs and paintings in.

Some Examples of our Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Example 1Photo Restoration Example 2

Photo Restoration Example 3Photo Restoration Example 4


Storing and Preserving Family Photographs


CopyMate Scanning Service

Often your original will be larger than a standard scanner will handle.

When this is the case, we have a CopyMate 18 Flatbed Scanner.

This flexible scanner covers special scanning tasks involving scanning or copying of very fragile originals, materials with uneven surfaces, three-dimensional objects or just about anything that can be put on the scanner bed.

It has a very large 18 x 24 scan area for single pass scanning of large originals. It is ideally suited to scanning drawings, paintings, etchings, technical drawings, fabric, wallpaper, large magazines and so on.

Because it scans large originals, the problems with stitching smaller scans together is eliminated. Most importantly the handling is greatly reduced and this will help save your valuable originals from damage.

Scans are usually saved in TIFF or JPG format on a CD.

Prints can be made on our Epson Stylus 9600 and the new Canon imagePROGRAF W8400 printers using a selection of Inkjet media or can be processed on Kodak photographic paper up to 12 x 18 Inches using our Noritsu 2901 printer.

GPC LABWORKS respects copyright. You must be the owner or have the owner's written permission to copy an image that is protected by copyright.

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