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Get very close to details in your subject. For example architectural or structural detail. This subject isolation can sometimes be more informative than the whole, complete subject.

  Wide angle lenses allow a bigger view but you can also use them to create the impression of greater distance and greater depth of field.  

Whenever possible, keep the light source behind you and falling on the FACE of your subject. Use sidelighting to emphasize depth, dimension or texture or backlighting to emphasize shape, form or drama.

Custom Scanning
ftp Canvas and Custom Printing
Digital Photo Print Service - FotoDesk / GPC Labworks



Professional Digital Imaging Services

High quality digital services performed by experienced personnel who are comfortable working on your valuable images no matter which format they are in.

You Can:

-FTP your digital files directly to us
-Send us your images by email or FotoDesk
-Bring your images to us on the media of your choice, film or digital

We Can:

-Scan your negs, slides up to 4 x 5 and prints up to 18 x 24 inches
-Restore your old or damaged photos
-Make prints from your digital files
-Available Matte or Glossy prints
-Make slides and negatives from your digital files
-Prepare your images for Web use
-Burn CDs of your image files, also available at time of processing
-Large format archival InkJet printing

Rush service available on all digital imaging services

Custom Scanning service

We offer a complete range of scanning capability from 35mm film up to 18 x 24 INCH originals. From budget service to the most precise print requirements.

Large Format printing

We use the Epson 9600 and the new Canon imagePROGRAF W8400 to producing exceptional quality output in widths up to 44".

Digital Photo Restoration

Starting at very reasonable prices, restore valuable family photographs and paintings. Whether for yourself or as gifts to your friends and family, these images are of the highest quality available.

Whether you are interested in restoring your family photographs or giving them to your family members as gifts, the combination of Ginn's longstanding experience with photographic images PLUS the new technologies in scanning and printing give us a definite advantage in handling your valuable family history. If you have photographs or other images that you want to restore please bring them in for a FREE consultation.

Passport Photos

We take Passport Office approved digital passport photos while you wait

Digital Image Processing - Please Click on FotoDesk for Online Digital Prints

We produce professional, photographic-quality prints from any digital image brought to us on a variety of digital medium including: floppy diskettes, zip disks, CDs, DVDs or files sent via the Internet. We offer archival Large Format ink jet prints on the Epson 7600. and/or genuine Kodak Royal photographic paper ensuring true photographic-quality output. We also offer Kodak dye sublimation prints up to 8 x 12in.

Professional Quality Slide Processing

Our Photo Lab offers two choices for E-6 slide processing system. A "dip and dunk" processing method where the film is never touched by mechanical devices or by human hands yielding no-scratch results every time. We also offer a 3-Hour and 1-hour slide processing service using the standard "roller transport process."

Development and Print Service

We produce high quality prints from any source including: APS, 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 and use only the highest quality Kodak Royal photographic paper.

Black and White Film Processing

Custom Colour Enlargements

We offer two main choices for colour enlargements. Where budget is a concern we provide an automated enlargement service capable of outputting sizes up to 12" x 18" from 35mm and 120 format negatives using our Noritsu 3111 printer. We also offer archival Large Format ink jet prints on the Epson 9600 up to 44" wide.

Copy Work

· Copy Negatives · Copy Slides · Internegatives
We produce copy negatives from a variety of sources including photographs, prints and flat artwork in black and white or colour up to 16" x 20". Colour transparencies are also produced from these same sources.


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