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  Practice “pre-visualising”, even when you don’t have your camera.  
  Don't place your photographic subject dead-centre in the frame with a lot of surrounding space.  Move in close, shift to one side, up or down to make for a much more interesting composition.  
Never hesitate to take a photograph, the worst that can happen is a failed photograph but it also could prove to be very interesting too!
Custom Scanning
ftp Canvas and Custom Printing
Digital Photo Print Service - FotoDesk / GPC Labworks


What’s New @ GPC Labworks

New - Now offering Photography Tours


Tuscany Workshop - September 28 to October 7, 2012

This workshop will cover panoramic landscape photography, hard edge architectural photography, candid street shooting, portrait photography, HDR, neutral density long time exposures, night photography, hyper-focal focusing, polarizer filter usage, portable flash techniques, and the magic of “light painting”, plus dozens of other tricks of the trade.

Ottawa Photo Tours

Ottawa Photography Tours offer outdoor tours and workshops designed for the beginner to intermediate level photography enthusiast. Tours and workshops range from 2 hour walking tours right up to one week intensive training in exciting international locations.

Special Offer for printing from digital files.

We are currently offering "Multiple Print Pricing" when placing orders for enlargements from digital files.

This is a limited time special offer and applies to orders placed online or at the counter.

GPC LabWorks Price List - PDF format

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Important Notice - FotoDesk OnLine Digital Photo Print Service - NEW version

Please note: Some problems with the application have now been corrected.

FotoDesk English FotoDesk English for MAC
FotoDesk français FotoDesk français pour MAC

FotoDesk provides a simple, reliable and automatic e-process for printing digital images on conventional Kodak colour paper.

FotoDesk links you directly to the GPC LabWorks’s digital photo-processing Lab!

This photo printing application only takes a few easy steps from start to finish.

No software to install, uses a non-resident secure and certified applet for the order process.

NEW!! You can now order Greeting Cards, Calendars, Mousepads, Mugs, T-Shirts and more through Fotofun:...

FotoFun English FotoFun français

What does FotoDesk service do for me? See: FotoDesk FAQ

Important Notice - Kodachrome Processing is no longer available anywhere

We do not accept Kodachrome film for processing.

Important:Kodachrome Processing was discontinued in December 2010

Important Notice - Ginn Processing (GPI) coupons

Due to the very large price increases we have been experiencing in the last year for processing chemistry and supplies, we will commence charging a surcharge of $2.00 on all Ginn Processing (GPI) coupons as of Jan 1, 2008. Effective immediately, we will no longer sell GPI coupons.

CopyMate Scanner

This innovative scanner has a very large bed for scanning flat-art up to 18 x 24 INCHES. Yes, that's right - INCHES. Give us a try the next time your image doesn't fit on a normal scanner. It also is very good at scanning high-relief, three dimensional objects and art images. If it will fit on the platen, we can scan it.

Canvas & Custom Large Format Printing

Two new printers, an Epson Stylus 9600 and a Canon ProGraf W8400 produce excellent quality wide format archival inkjet prints that will rival any photographic prints.

Photo Restoration

Whether you are interested in restoring your family photographs or giving them to your family members as gifts, the combination of our longstanding experience with photographic images PLUS the new technologies in scanning and printing give us a definite advantage in handling your valuable family history. If you have photographs or other images that you want to restore please bring them in for a FREE consultation.

Storing and Preserving Family Photographs
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